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Patterns of psychological responses among the public during the early phase of covid-19: A cross-regional analysis

Illness Perceptions of COVID-19 in Europe: Predictors, Impacts and Temporal Evolution

A Functional Contextualist Account of Behavioral Economics: Relational Frame Theory Applied to Decision-Making and Choice Behavior

La Relational Frame Theory radiografa la black-box: il contributo dell’Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure allo studio della cognizione implicita in clinica.

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health: An international study

Recursiveness in learning processes: An analogy to help software development for ABA intervention for autistic kids.

Facial expressions and the ability to recognize emotions from the eyes or mouth: A comparison among old adults, young adults, and children.

Gender stereotypes in occupational choice: a cross-sectional study on a group of Italian adolescents.

Models of Cognition and Their Applications in Behavioral Economics: A Conceptual Framework for Nudging Derived from Behavior Analysis and Relational Frame Theory.

La Relational Frame Theory in “Comportamento verbale e cognizione, un’analisi contestualistacomportamentale”.